Buy some of the best available properties at low-cost maintenance charges

Charges, charges, and more charges. Yes, to construct a new space there is a huge financial investment that needs to be made. Everything that you would want to add up in your space comes at a reasonably good amount. Therefore, there are many aspects to consider before you can think of redoing or constructing a new space. Every minute detail right from pipework to furniture ideas and home decor needs careful planning, analyzing, and long-term thinking. With the growing population, people are requiring more space every day. To accommodate everyone with their specific needs is a tough task. This is why the real estate sector is always required.

About the R Tech Group:

The R Tech Group has been in the real estate industry for 14 years now. At present, they are catering to the Commercial, Residential, Retail, and Township segments of this industry. This company makes use of a centralized ERP system to streamline the paperwork and documentation process. Recently, the company also has had an excellent turnover and remarkable growth rate.

Process of Constructing a space:

The R Tech Group has a systematic way of connecting with the customers. The sales team is always in touch with the customer right from the booking process. In these tough times, it has been difficult to perform as per desired results. So, customer loyalty and the effect of word-of-mouth marketing are doing well for this real estate company.

What does maintenance cost?

A maintenance charge is levied on the apartment owners who are supposed to pay a miscellaneous amount which is paid monthly or annually to the society complex as per decided. These charges are taken to keep up with the charges of the common area and facilities provided by that complex. Depending upon the size (per square feet) and the number of basic facilities used, this maintenance charge is levied.

Recently, the customers who purchase these flats often are misled. Sometimes, an excess amount of money is demanded of the owners which is unfair and distressing.

Some of the maintenance cost includes the charges for the following:

  • Common electricity charges
  • Property taxes
  • Water charges
  • Service charges
  • Expenses on repair and maintenance of the lift of the society, including charges for running the lift
  • Contribution to the repair and maintenance fund
  • Car parking charges
  • Contribution to the sinking fund

Costs involved with the property:

The real estate sector already has a high cost involved. Therefore, it is tough to induce the customer into making a huge financial investment in the property during these difficult times. But, the R Tech Group makes sure to charge a low maintenance cost, the company operates on a no-profit and no loss in the maintenance aspect. Charges are levied as per the actual expenses that are incurred every month. This will cut down the expenses by a small margin. Usually, older properties were maintenance, other times some of the common amenities are offered at a lower rate.


Money is a hard-earned asset that people receive after their fair share of hard work and tons of effort. Constructing a property or redoing a space can cost too much money. Often all at once. But, everyone must remember to spend it all wisely. To understand where the maintenance cost is implemented in your society or complex, you must be actively involved in the well-being of your space. This way, just the right and required amount are spent and you are not distressed later.


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