Is the Top Floor or Bottom Floor Better in an Apartment?

There are lots of things need to be considered by a home buyer when buying a flat. Some important factors include a great location, amenities, proximity to the office, market, hospitals, schools, and the budget. Along with all these aspects, a major decision that you need to take is choosing the best floor as per your requirement. For many people, choosing the correct floor becomes quite confusing and every option comes with its certain benefits and disadvantages. So, getting well-informed is very important to make the right decision to your home search and need. Here we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of living on the bottom floor and top floor.

Pros of the bottom floor



Lower floors allow you to reach to the ground floor, swimming pool, parks and clubhouse easily and faster. Also, you don’t have to worry about moving heavy items into your house.


Cool in summers

The flats on the bottom floor stay cool allowing you to get reduced electricity bill with less AC consumption.


Cons of the lower floor


Noise pollution

You wouldn’t find the comfort of leaving the windows open for sunlight in the morning as there are continually a lot of noise and commotion coming from the streets that you can easily hear.


Lack of natural light

On lower floors, you will find less sometimes no natural light even in the daytime so you always have to use or rely on electricity.


Security fears

This is the biggest aspect you need to keep in mind while choosing a floor as lower floor living can leave your house vulnerable to burglaries and startling disturbances.


Top floor flats advantages



An apartment on low floor experience huge foot traffic as neighbors and other individuals are continuously passing by to reach to the elevator, stairs, management office or lobby to get inside or exit the place. On top floors, you enjoy privacy.



One of the major disadvantages of living on the lower floor is getting noisy and loud neighbors above your building. However, on the top floor, you avoid many problems such as foot stomping, Cars honking, running kids and traffic noises.


Beautiful view

Most of the apartment community provides amazing sight of the local areas in the city, generally on skyscrapers, parks, balcony patio, and others. Top floors will offer you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful view of the city from your apartment.


Sufficient light in the house

The apartments on the top floor generally find more ventilation and sunlight allowing you to save electricity cost.


Protection from pest attack and theft

This is the biggest reason that makes many people choose an upper floor. Apartments on tops floor are more secured than lower floors and you can avoid pests, bugs, and thieves in your house.


Cons of the top floor

The major problem with residing on a top floor is that you will it difficult to move and shift luggage and furniture to another place.



As each floor has a few drawbacks and some benefits, it’s not easy to choose the ideal one. But as per the report, buying a house or flat on top floors is a great decision due to a number of benefits. There are a few cons associated with upper floors but seeing lots of good reasons, we can overlook those cons. Thus, we can say that top floor flats are better than bottom floors. We recommend you to buy the best residential houses in Bhiwadi.