Leading Us to the Future of Modern Infrastructure


The real estate business has always been a profitable field where all want to enter, but only a few manage to stay and earn profits when it comes to providing the customers with competitive architectural designs that portray the modern concepts of any project be it residential, commercial or industrial. Numerous real estate groups promise to provide a home, a shop, with great facilities and extraordinary designs, early possession and whatnot, but end up, not completing such promises simply because it requires experience and the understanding of customer needs. The backup and knowledge required to execute projects with complete dedication and customer’s utmost satisfaction require years of experience and in-depth understanding of the industry.



The city of Jaipur has a great scope in real estate business, but it does not have enough real estate groups that can be trusted upon when it comes to providing great service to its customers. The R Tech Group is one of the most reputed and established real estate builder in Jaipur, which was established in 2007 and in its 12 years of operating, it has completed multiple projects in Bhiwadi, Alwar and Jaipur. The R Tech Group has been delivering its customers with modern residential designs in the form of its successful projects like the Capital Greens in Bhiwadi and Capital Homes in Beawar. The customers of both the projects were more than satisfied with the modern amenities, spacious rooms, well-planned ventilation systems and facilities that R Tech Group provided them in the homes it built and provided at such affordable prices.


The real estate group has projects worth Rs. Five thousand crores at present and from so, one can guess how huge the operations of the company are. The company has been growing tremendously under the guidance of its managing director Mr. Rajesh Yadav and has multiple projects going on at present which include residential, commercial and township projects like the Capital Galleria in Jaipur, Capital Highstreet in Bikaner, Capital Highstreet in Beawar, Capital Arcadia in Bhiwadi, projects under Pradhan Mantra AwasYojna  and many more.


The trust that R Tech Group has built is more than the projects it has, simply because of it completing its promises and delivering the customers with what they’ve been told, unlike other real estate groups. The group has been able to create such a reputation because of its extensive research and understanding of the changing customer needs along with adapting them to bring innovative designs in the market. The innovative concepts in its residential projects were widely appreciated among all of its customers who were satisfied enough to recommend the real estate group to their close ones.


Over and above, the R Tech Group has reached great heights under the experienced guidance of Mr Rajesh Yadav and can be called as one of the best real estate groups of Jaipur and its neighboring states for its amazing/quality delivery of services to all. The group runs with the sole objective of providing the real estate business, a standard for modern designs, satisfying its customers, investors, bringing up innovative designs and delivering the promised to all.