Overview of Grand Commercial Properties for Investment in Jaipur

Investment in commercial property is growing its popularity among investors who seek better opportunities for benefits and growth in the real estate business. Making a commercial property investment means you don’t need to be concerned about property maintenance. Also, these investment options offer better returns in comparison to residential properties.


Property For Sale In Jaipur

R Tech, one of the most renowned developers in Rajasthan has brought two major projects in Jaipur. These commercial projects in the city are expected to mark the evolution of businesses in the near future.


Capital Galleria

With eternal architectural beauty, this commercial property in Jaipur is all set to give modernization appeal in the city. The project provides a remarkable visual ride for all the people including business owners and visitors. With a range of advanced amenities, Capital Galleria is guaranteed to attract buyers and real estate investors.


Capital galleria Jaipur


Great features

Capital Galleria has premium escalators and super-fast passenger and service elevators to give you fast accessibility. People who like glass features will love the splendid advancement of the structures inside the commercial space that echoes the vivacity of diverse lighting arrangements used in every area. This commercial building has everything to mesmerize everyone such as Food court, Offices, Shops, hypermart, Kiosks, Night Club, Multiplex, Banquet, Fine Dining, hotel activity area and more.



It’s located on Sirsi Road, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur.


Capital Highstreet

Businesses require a great place with both basic and advanced facilities to grow and succeed. R Tech understands the significance of an efficient location and great set-up for businesses, thus it has introduced a highly advanced Commercial Property In Jaipur.




Capital Highstreet will be ready for possession in 2020. With a huge commercial space, the project will provide businesses with Complete security, parking, High-street connectivity, and many other advanced facilities. The commercial building in Jaipur will allow people to enjoy shopping, movie, and food at one place. With modern-edge construction, the project will allow people of Jaipur to shop for branded clothes and other products, high-quality food in restaurants, enjoy movies and more.



Capital Highstreet is located at Main Mahal Road, Jagatpura, Jaipur.

R Tech, the leading name in the real estate market in Rajasthan helps investors to buy Commercial Space In Jaipur. The firm allows big as well as small businesses to have their offices in the best locations in the city. R Tech is known as one of the top developers in India for helping individuals in buying shops and office spaces at affordable prices. Both commercial projects including Capital Galleria and Capital Highstreet in Jaipur provide business spaces with sufficient parking spaces, security, and world-class amenities.