Things to Check at the Time of Delivery of a Residential Property

We often have to wait a lot before getting the delivery of an intended Property. Due to this at the time of delivery we grow so restless that we forget to check few things which are actually essential and if not done properly then later on it can lead to many problems. Keeping this issue in mind this article is going to discuss some of such crucial points to be kept in mind at the time of taking possession of a residential property. These are as follows:


Completion Certificate: As soon as the builder offers the client to take the possession of the property, the client must ask for the Occupancy Certificate or the Completion Certificate to be issued by the Local Town Planning Authority. It must be kept in mind without this no one under the sun can actually compel the client to take the possession physically.


Property Inspection: Once the client gets the invitation for taking the possession of the residential property, before doing so the person must go for a physical inspection of the property so that there is no problem later on. If the client is not satisfied with something as per the promise made during delivery then it can be pointed out then and there so that there is no unnecessary confusion afterwards.


Project Completion: At the time of delivery of the flat the customer must be very specific about the completion of the project totally. In some cases, the project remains incomplete but the customers are asked for the full payment of the same. This should never be done as if the payment is complete it might get difficult for the client to talk about any further grievances. So, possession must be taken only when the project is totally complete in a full and final manner.


Delivery Promise: The client must check at the time of possession that what had been promised whether has been delivered in the rightful manner or not. There should not be any discrepancy in terms of the promise. It is because the cost is often on the basis of the demand made and therefore any sort of breaking of the promise is neither appreciable nor accepted.


Written Communication: Every communication with the builder must be in written form as this is the only way of documentation and is of immense use at the end of the transaction. One must keep in mind that no legal steps can be taken without a proof of the same and documentation is the only way to justice. Any kind of request or complaint must be sent and received trough written communication only.


Final Disbursement: A percent of payment is usually held till the time of final disbursement to the client. This must be followed properly because any kind of problem which the client might face has to be taken care by the builder before the final disbursement is made. This is why it can only be cleared at the receiving of the final possession and the final disbursement of the same.


Conditional Possession: Sometimes the situation is such that the client has to take the possession of the property inspite of certain things remaining incomplete at their end. In such cases it must be mentioned by the client in the form of a written documentation that the possession is conditional as long as the other requirements re not fulfilled.


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