Why You Should Choose 3 BHK Apartments Over 2 BHK Ones?

For those who are first time buyers, the selection of the apartment might seem to be a grueling and long task. Due to the large number of factors that one has to consider, it is likely that home buyers have second thoughts. Whether you want to purchase a 2 BHK flat under PMAY or something bigger, the decision must be made after considerable thought.


Spacious – One of the biggest advantages of a 3BHK apartment is that it is incredibly more spacious. The difference between these two becomes apparent as more times passes. Having some extra space is also a great thing if you are expecting guests. Planning a future with your family can be done with ease in a 3BHK home.


Guests – Feeling hesitation and uneasy due to the lack of space in your home is never a good sign

. This will also harm your prestige in front of any guests you plan to bring to your home. Not being able to invite guests and plan gatherings at your place due to the limited space is indeed embarrassing.


Future – Choosing a 2BHK apartment by thinking of the present only may seem to be the best decision at first, but over time the difference becomes clear. A 3BHK home is better suited for your future needs. If you have any plans of having a family, a 3BHk home is the better option.


Formalities – The legal formalities involved in upgrading to a 3BHK are tiring and irritating. The address related to your first-time purchase of a 3BHK is a mirror of your stature and conditions.


Finance – It is likely that you choose a 2BHK flat over a 3BHK one just because of its cost. It must be said though that as time passes, you may feel that if only you had spent a little more back then, you would not have to experience this now. This is even more apparent due to the presence of economical 3BHK options.


Furniture – Whether you are moving your old furniture to your new place or buying new ones, lack of space due to the placement of furniture takes away from the appeal of a home. 3 BHK flats under PMAY allow you to breathe freely and leave enough space for moving whatever furniture you desire.


Resale – The resale value of 3BHK apartments is a lot higher than that of 2BHK homes. This is a factor that you must consider even if it is one that you may require in the distant future. It is likely that as time goes by, you may choose to move to a bigger apartment thus the resale value becomes significantly important in such situations.


The urgency of the circumstances and your personal desires and goals for the future play a huge role in the selection of your apartment. But, it must be said that these decisions must not be rushed. Once you purchase a flat, it is likely that you will stick with it for a considerable period of time.