corporate social responsibility

A famous survey involving employees states that food in the workplace makes them feel more appreciated by their companies. What could be better than feeding the hands that build an empire.

There are many benefits that come with providing food to employees, one of the most important is fostering a healthy environment for workers and R-Tech Group strongly believes in CSR activities for everyone from humans to animals.

This was just another initiative by R-Tech Group to feed all labour at our construction site on the auspicious Monday of Sawaan.

On the Auspicious Occasion of Nirjala Ekadashi, R-Tech Group Organized the Thandai Vitran.

Celebrating Tradition with refreshing treat

To commemorate the birth of Lord Hanuman, R Tech Group held a grand function on the holy day. Over 500 followers took part in this event to express their love towards their dear deity. The environment was filled with spirituality and devotion when they chanted “Sundar Kand Path” which is believed to bring blessings, power as well as bravery from Lord Hanuman.

Spreading happiness with sweetness

To make it more festive-like, R Tech Group distributed sweets amongst all those present there thus bringing joy into wider society too. This act showed how much they wanted people from different backgrounds to come together as one family and also appreciate each other’s culture during such times. The candies not only satisfied everyone’s taste buds but represented sharing & caring values deeply rooted in this organization too!

A Commemoration of Faith and Social Unity

R Tech Group’s Hanuman Jayanti celebration was an example of their commitment to conserving and enhancing the cultural legacy of the area. Involvement in activities like these strengthens relations with neighboring communities as well as safeguards long-standing customs. The attendees’ enthusiastic reception mirrored their profound love for Lord Hanuman; therefore, everything that R Tech Group did to make this event possible was deeply valued

At R-Tech Group, we believe in spreading joy and light, especially during festive seasons. This Diwali, as part of our ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, we’re excited to announce our initiative to distribute sweets to the needy in our community. In the spirit of sharing and caring, we aim to brighten the lives of those who may be less fortunate, bringing smiles and warmth to their Diwali celebrations. Join us as we illuminate hearts and uplift spirits, embodying the true essence of the Festival of Lights.

At R-Tech Group, we believe in giving back to the community that helps build our dreams. As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we’re proud to announce our initiative to provide nutritious meals to the hardworking labourers who construct our projects. By ensuring they have access to quality food, we not only support their well-being but also recognize their invaluable contributions to our success. Together, we’re building not just structures, but also a stronger, more compassionate society. Join us in making a difference, one meal at a time.

At R-Tech Group, we cherish the opportunity to serve our community and foster a sense of togetherness. In line with our commitment to social responsibility, we are thrilled to announce our CSR initiative of ‘Prasad Vitran’ at the Hanuman Mandir. As a symbol of gratitude and devotion, we will be distributing sacred offerings to devotees, promoting spiritual wellness and unity within our community. Join us in spreading joy and blessings as we come together to celebrate the spirit of giving and reverence.

At R-Tech Group, we’re dedicated to not only building structures but also nurturing the environment and communities around us. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, we’re proud to announce our latest endeavour: setting up bird baths and water dishes across Jaipur and Bhilwara. With temperatures rising, we recognize the importance of providing relief to our feathered friends during the scorching summer months. By creating these watering stations, we’re not only quenching their thirst but also safeguarding their well-being. Join us in our mission to beat the heat and create a more sustainable and compassionate environment for all inhabitants, great and small.