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10th Jan 2024

FAQ About Fire NOC for High-Rise Commercial Projects in Alwar


According to recent news reports, there are many hospitals, schools and other commercial and residential buildings across India that are operating without a Fire No Objection Certificate. The news alerted all the concerned departments and a harsh warning is issued to commercial and residential high-rise buildings, requiring them to obtain a necessary Fire NOC from the state fire department. Though the news has brought awareness to buyers and sellers, not much is known to them about the importance and repercussions of having and not having a Fire NOC respectively.

But before we go into the legality of the matter, let’s discuss a few basic things about this mandatory legal document.

What is Fire NOC?
A fire NOC is a legal document given out by the state’s fire service department. The document attests to the safety of a property and confirms that it is unlikely to experience any fire-related accidents, whether it is high-rise commercial or residential. The local fire department establishes several rules that the developer or property owner must adhere to. The developer or owner (who we might refer to as the applicant) may apply and get the Fire NOC for his particular property after fulfilling the requirements. Each state has its own requirements for Fire NOC.

Why it is important to have Fire NOC for your property?
Statistics from around the world show that a large number of fatal fire-related accidents occur each year. Besides the loss of life, goods and property worth crores of rupees are destroyed in such accidents. A fire in a building can have major repercussions, and many businesses, large and small, are unable to recover from such dreadful events. Hence, if you are an entrepreneur and looking for an opportunity to invest in Commercial property then we would suggest you invest in Capital Galleria, one of the most reputed and well-documented Commercial Projects In Alwar. The project is developed by The RTech Group and has all the permissions, requirements and documents available as per the state government norms. The projects developed by the RTech group not only have Fire NOC but ensure the safety of your life and business altogether.

Which properties require a Fire NOC as a mandatory requirement?
A Fire NOC must be obtained from the state fire department for high-rise commercial properties that are more than 15 metres in height. There are other requirements as well that varies from state to state.

How to apply for a Fire NOC?
The application for getting NOC (no objection certificate) must be submitted to the Chief Fire Officer of the state by the developer or owner of the property. However, the developer or owner of the property is advised in advance to guarantee compliance of the fire safety norms before approaching the department for issuing the NOC. But, if the applicant finds it difficult or has issues or queries related to the guidelines, the matter can be reported either to Dy. Chief Fire Officer or directly to the Chief Fire Officer. Again, both of them can be contacted in case there is any kind of delay –
a)    In carrying out the inspection
b)    In issuing the NOC after the inspection is done with a satisfactory report

Who is eligible to grant Fire NOC to the property?
The State’s Fire Service has the authority to grant Fire NOC to the properties. In the case of Alwar, The Department of Local Self Government of Rajasthan is the concerned authority.

What are the documents needed to apply for a Fire NOC?
a)    Complete and all-inclusive building plan from the Building Authority
b)     Model of the building
c)    Filled Questionnaire
d)    Certified checklist by the Building Architect

What is the validity period of the Fire NOC?
There are different validity periods for different properties-
a)    For residential property – the preconstruction Fire NOC remains valid for 5 years.
b)    For commercial property – the preconstruction Fire NOC remains valid for 3 years.
c)    The Final Fire NOC or the post construction Fire NOC is valid for 1 year and needs to be renewed annually.
The above-mentioned information should be known to every property investor. Now that we know a lot about Fire NOC. It is time we know the benefits of investing in Capital Galleria, one of the Commercial Projects In Alwar developed by The RTech Group that are Fire norms compliant –
a)    Smoke alarms are installed on every level of the premises.
b)    Monthly checking of smoke alarms.
c)    Regular evacuation drills for staff training

Being a business owner, it is your responsibility to maintain the safety and wellbeing of the people working for you. Hence, it is imperative to invest in a project that is fire norm compliant and for this to achieve without any efforts we have for you, the Project Capital Galleria, Alwar – a commercial property located at the prime location of Alwar – is not only well equipped with current technologies like Artificial intelligence, level 5 automation, with their fourth-generation fire detection and mitigation technology, they are effective in ensuring safety. For commercial spaces and retail shops, the Capital Galleria, Alwar is a fantastic investment.