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10th Jan 2024

The Blueprint of Investing in Commercial Office Space in Bhiwadi


Have you ever experienced this, you unintentionally ask a professional dealing in real estate about the benefits of investing in commercial office space in Bhiwadi and felt like you have triggered a monologue – explaining how investing in commercial office space is great and a better deal than any other investment? But it is TRUE – Being a commercial space owner means –

  1. Additional cash flow
  2. Relatively open playing field
  3. The benefits of economies of sale
  4. The abundant market for good
  5. Bigger payoff from selling the property

But the point here is- how do a common investor who is new to the industry evaluate which property is best and how to separate a great deal from the duds? Like most investments, a successful investment in real estate starts with a good blueprint, let’s elaborate this blueprint for you –

Know what the insiders know
To achieve success in any business, you need to think like a pro. For instance – there is a different process of evaluation for commercial and residential properties. Leases on commercial real estate is longer than residential leases. Owners experience bigger cash flow associated with commercial spaces.

Draw a plan of action 
Aligning constraints is the top need of the commercial office space deal. For instance – evaluate your budget and then look for lending options to finally get an idea of how much you have to pay covering the life of the loan. There are different tools available online that will make this process simple and quick. Besides, there are other questions to ask as well – who are the key players in the deal? How much investment is done on the project? What is the vacancy rate of the property?

Learn to comprehend a good deal

You need a critical eye and understanding of a pro to recognize a good deal. The professional knows that the deal is good when they come across one. What is their secret? First and foremost – the professionals always have an exit strategy – a good deal will not strap you in any way, it is like your love interest (set your lover free, if he/she comes back to you, he/she is yours for a life time). For achieving an eye of a pro – know how to rate risk, be alert in evaluating the damages that the deal may cause and finally ensure that the property you are investing to meet your monetary goals.

Be acquainted with the key property metrics
Following are the commonly used real estate terms –

a)    NOI or the Net Operating Income – The Net operating Income of a commercial office space is calculated by assessing the gross operating income of the property for the first year and then subtracting the same from the operating expenses for the same year. It is important to achieve a positive NOI for a property to be productive.

b)    Cap or capitalization Rate – In commercial real estate, the cap rate is used to gauge the worth of the income producing real estate. Capitalization of earnings is the process used to estimate the cash flow or to estimate the net present value of potential profits.

Look for good projects and good developers
Like any business deal, it is good to partner with good people offering you good deals. Your job in the industry is to find a lucrative deal like the one available with The RTech Group’s commercial office space in Bhiwadi. This commercial project is not only a good deal but a profit booking project for the investors.  The project is being developed by the industry leaders ‘The RTech Group’, who are known for their existing, qualitative commercial projects across India.

Cultivate the art of neighborhood farming
The best way to evaluate the value of a commercial space is to study the area it is located at, the neighborhood and try to get information on the vacancy rate.

The Bottom Line
Generally, finding and assessing a commercial space is not just about getting a great price or farming neighborhoods, it is more about building relationships that bring growth to all. Basic communication and little research online will achieve you a great deal. If you want to spare yourself from all this hard work, then we have a direct solution for you, invest in The RTech Group’s commercial office space in Bhiwadi. This commercial project is the face of new India, offering its investors with highly efficient and value for money commercial office space in Bhiwadi.