How Vital it is to Consider Environmental Site Assessments Before Investing in a Commercial Property? - Top Builder in jaipur
10th Jan 2024

How Vital it is to Consider Environmental Site Assessments Before Investing in a Commercial Property?


Environmental issues can sometimes become very complex. When checking for environmental considerations, as inspectors for commercial real estate do, many lawyers recommend their clients to conduct an environmental site assessment before anything else. During an environmental assessment, an environmental expert will do thorough inspections to spot existing environmental problems.

During an environmental assessment, environmental experts review various maps like – geologic maps, country maps, topographic maps, etc. as well as contact several state environmental professionals familiar with the surrounding area. This is done to find out about any nearby dangerous sites, and soil and groundwater conditions, among others. An assessment will ultimately determine whether or not the property has existing or potential environmental challenges.

If some potential issues are reported, the buyer can back out or, if he or she would persist, may request another environmental assessment wherein groundwater and soil samples are taken and tested to see if the environmental contaminants are under regulatory or extreme levels.

However, an environmental site assessment is not the only determinant to buying a property. Common sense prevails at any time. If there is one thing that makes you dislike a property, walk away. Look at some topographic maps yourself and check if there are any nearby waste dumps. In fact, you can even drive by yourself and look if there are obvious signs of contamination.

Other things you have to look out for are flooding conditions, inauspicious soil conditions, heavy rail traffic, extreme slopes, steep cliffs, areas prone to earthquakes, and the like. These are important checkpoints before purchasing property, especially if the site is to be developed into a commercial establishment. The general public becomes your responsibility when you develop a public place. For these reasons, an environmental site assessment is your first consideration before purchase.

Where to find that one project that has passed all the above-mentioned inspections and tests, so you have the best commercial property in Bhiwadi and earn returns for years and years to come?

The project Capital Arcadia Biwadi, in order to cover and manage all these environmental concerns hires forward-looking designers and aim at developing projects that cure rather than hurting people’s health. The modern workplace, surpassing the ubiquity of standing work areas and social “breakout couches,” is envisioned to be a harmonious, happy, and healthy environment. This transformation is slowly unfolding before our eyes.

Practice environmental safety
Since 2014 designs like ‘Biophilic’ have gained popularity and some might argue that they have become outdated as per current trends. However, this is not entirely accurate! Research has demonstrated that incorporating natural elements can enhance wellbeing by 14% and productivity by almost 10%. This reaffirms the importance of promoting sustainable practices. It is no longer sufficient to merely display a couple of potted plants near a window; instead, we must now go above and beyond. For instance. Upcoming commercial projects in Biwadi like Capital Arcadia Biwadi developed by The R-Tech Group are taking planet related matters seriously by embracing renewable energy sources – Implementing green web hosting, employing carbon offsets, sourcing local food and adopting grey water recycling practices.

Incorporate Outdoor Space
It is crucial to recognize that the outdoors also needs to be functional. For centuries we have believed in the positive effects of stepping outside and breathing in fresh air on our concentration. So why not bring this freshness into the office space? Implementing a running track or flower garden on the rooftop could provide employees with a space to relax and even hold meetings with difficult clients.

Stretch for triumph
Today’s office spaces have evolved beyond the traditional options of cubicles or open plan layouts, conference suites or breakout areas. They are now active and vibrant able to encompass all of these elements. In order to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of employees, customizable surroundings have become a popular trend. By incorporating features such as portable walls, removable corkboards, and modular furniture companies have found that they can significantly enhance productivity and create a positive work environment.

Incorporate technology
If you can answer “Yes” to these questions. You may believe yourself to be technologically inclined. Are you capable of impressing your clients with a virtual desktop? Can you guide your board members or partners through detailed earnings graphics? If your response is “No” to both inquiries. It may be time for an upgrade. The future of office space revolves around the utilization of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

The Light Effect
The productivity and creativity of employees tend to decline when they are seated far away from a window. Specifically at a distance of 7.5 meters. It has been observed that exposure to daylight can effectively decrease stress levels and alleviate anxiety. While translucent panels and skylights are indeed optimal solutions, they may not always be feasible in certain situations. Therefore. The utilization of natural spectrum bulbs and table top UV lamps can serve as effective alternatives to compensate for the lack of natural light.

Go your own way
In today’s 21st-century workplace. Individuality has become increasingly important. Gone are the days of a one size fits all approach. The ideal working environment is now likely to be unique and filled with distinctive changes much like the unconventional start up IT companies that redefine office spaces in their own peculiar ways. This approach helps employees feel valued, as it should be. A survey conducted among 2000 employees revealed that nearly half of them believe that the look and feel of their workplace affects their work. Additionally, a significant number confirmed that traditional office spaces actually increase their stress levels. Therefore. It is crucial for a successful workplace to prioritize a relaxed attitude by providing a cool and stress-free environment for employees to thrive in.

When making future investments in commercial projects, it is advisable to carefully consider the aforementioned points. Because only a relaxed and stress-free environment can boost employee productivity, which is the chief motive of every business.